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Returning process

When purchasing an attachment from Bear Attachments, you can assume that it is in good condition and will continue to perform as expected under normal use.

However, it can always happen that you are unexpectedly not satisfied and you want to return the attachment or have to register for repair. There are certain rules attached to this. To avoid surprises, we recommend that you read this information carefully.


How does the return process work?

Return your product within the reflection period of 14 days!


You can’t return this

  • Customized / personal attachments


Returning a defective attachment

  1. Register your return by completely filing out the RMA form (download here) and sending it to rma@bearattachments.com.
  2. Bear Attachments will contact you to process the request and if necessary will request more information regarding the reason for return. The RMA number is generated by Bear Attachments and communicated to you.
  3. Print the form with the relevant RMA number and add a copy to the return package. Also state the RMA number on any box/packaging.
  4. Return the package by post or parcel service.


Return only undamaged, unused, complete items in original packaging.

Within 5 working days after receiving your product, we will refund the purchase amount to the same account number you used to pay. If the account number in unknown to us, we will contact you.